The Defenders of the month are the Community superheroes

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It's time to show our appreciation for our top contributors and give back to the Community! We are pleased to announce that we are launching our Super User program called “Defenders of the Month” and “Defenders of the Year”, exclusively for the members of our Community!

The Super User program represents an exclusive group of community members who are recognized as top contributors, experts and individuals who are passionate about cybersecurity and love to share their knowledge, feedback and experience.

Just like superheroes, the Defenders have the skills and mindset to rise above any challenge and come to the rescue when someone needs help.

They are resilient, thoughtful and altruistic and share the same vision of growth and protection. They are the pillars of our Bitdefender Community and are rewarded for regularly contributing with quality content, being friendly and helpful to others, taking a lead in the community and acting as a role model to other users.

The Defenders of the Month/Year can easily be recognized on the forum, as they will have the Defender rank next to their username and these are valued members who have been awarded for their participation and contribution. A special chart will also be displayed on the Community homepage, showing the top Defenders.

For the "Defenders of the Month" title, the top 10 Community members with the most posts in a month take the prize.

For the "Defenders of the Year title", the top 3 users with the most posts in a year take the prize.

The top 10 contributors with the most posts at the end of each month will take our monthly prize, when the rolling month is concluded. The posts are referred to as comments in the existing threads. For the "Defenders of the Year" competition, the top 3 contributors with the most posts in a year will be awarded when the fourth quarter of the year ends.

Members that have already won the Defenders of the Month or Defenders of the Year competitions may keep their title for as long as they are listed in the top 10 or top 3 charts, for each respective competition. For example, if you are listed as a top contributor according to your number of posts in the top 10 chart for consecutive months, you will be awarded each month for your contributions and there is no limit as to how many months you can be awarded the prize.

Avoid posting or creating fluff/meaningless comments - if the admins conclude the existence of posts with the clear intention of bringing up your post counts, you will be penalized and you will not be allowed to participate in the current or next monthly competition. Continuing to post meaningless comments may lead to a disqualification from both the monthly and the yearly Defenders programs.


For "Defenders of the Month", all top 10 contributors with the most posts in a month take the following prize:

 A 1-month validity extension of the Bitdefender ANTIVIRUS subscription currently installed on the member's Central account!

The subscription validity extensions can be granted for the following Home User products:

Antivirus Plus; Antivirus for Mac, Internet Security; Total Security; Premium Security.

For "Defenders of the Year", the top 3 contributors situated on the podium with the most posts in a full year will be awarded the following prizes:

A 1-year validity extension for ALL Home User products running in your Central account*

The subscription validity extensions can be granted for the following Home User products:

Antivirus Plus; Antivirus for Mac, Internet Security; Total Security; Premium Security, Premium VPN, Digital Identity Protection; Password Manager.


The winners will be selected based on their post count, taking into consideration the top 10 members with the most posts in the past month for the "Defenders of the Month" title and the top 3 members with the most posts in the past year for the "Defenders of the Year" title.

The winners will be announced by the Community Manager on the dedicated forum thread on a monthly basis. The winner's subscriptions will be extended by the Community Manager at the earliest date possible after the monthly or yearly cycle ends. The winners will also be informed privately and will have to confirm the Central account where the extensions will be granted.

In order to receive the extensions, the winners must respond to the informative message sent by the Community Manager.

For more information, you can also check the attached terms sheet.

We look forward to the positive impact our Defenders will have on the success and growth of this community.

You feedback and thoughts on this new program are highly appreciated. As always, my inbox is open. When you have questions, ask 'em! When you have feedback, share it! When you have ideas, I want to hear every one of them! This community has become such a magical and incredible place to be, and I'm excited to continue to build it alongside each and every one of you.