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I really messed up!

I forgot my Password Manager password. All of my passwords are in the manager. I have guest at my password so many times that now I can't remember any of them except bitdefender, which I wrote down. I know I can reset my password manager but from what I understand I will lose all of my passwords and have to start all over.

Is there anyway I can get another password and not lose everything?

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    Hi again.

    Taken from here:

    "Why don’t you store my Master Password, and what happens if I forget it?

    The reason why we don’t store your Master Password on our servers is so that only you can access your account. It’s the most secure way. If Bitdefender Password Manager doesn’t recognize your master password, make sure you type it correctly and the Caps Lock key is not active on the keyboard.

    If you forget the master password, you can always use the Recovery Key to unlock Password Manager. During the sign-up process, Bitdefender Password Manager provides a recovery key that can be used to regain access to the account without losing your data. It’s a 24-digit code. It should be placed in a very convenient and safe place that you can easily remember.

    If you forget or misplace both the Master Password and the Recovery Key, as a last resort, contact a Bitdefender representative to reset your account.

    ⓘ Important:

    Resetting your account will erase all your data and passwords saved in Bitdefender Password Manager."

    So, if you don't want your data to be erased and you do have the 24-digit Recovery Key, you should reset your Master password by following these steps:

    That said, the last option is to reset your account, which will erase all your data.

    And there is nothing more you could do about it.

    Best regards.


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    Could you please be more specific with the issue.

    What did you do, what is the issue, etc.?

    Kind regards.

  • Mr Gjoksi

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I just hit the wrong button this is my first time rising in the community. I have edited my question. That should tell you my issue.

  • Thank you very much for your help. I greatly appreciate it

  • I am wondering if password manager is included in my basic package? The icon is on my phone but I have never signed in. I don't want unexpected charges!

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    Password Manager is included only in Bitdefender ULTIMATE SECURITY and Bitdefender PREMIUM SECURITY, without any extra charges.


  • Hi @Val.hope,

    I have noticed you've had a Password Manager trial that expired in February. Without a new purchase, you will not be charged anything and the service will remain inactive. If you order Password Manager, this will enroll your account in a subscription that you may cancel anytime. This would be separate from your Total Security subscription.


  • how do I access Password Manager

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    Hi, Selwyn james :)

    If you have Bitdefender on a Windows PC, you can access it by going to the left side of the Dashboard -> Privacy Password Manager, Learn More.

    If you have Bitdefender and a Central account, on the main Dashboard page, there will be a promotion for it there as well.

    Otherwise, there is a free 30-day trial option on the website:

    Here are the instructions for installing Password Manager.

    @Gjoksi's post marked answered, has some excellent information, as I'm sure you saw :)

    If you find you like the Password Manager after the trial is over, you can purchase it from the above store link as a standalone product, or it is bundled with the Premium and Ultimate Security plans...just so you know :)

    I hope this helped, and that I didn't overwhelm you with too much information :)


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