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Hi there!

Today Bitdefender warned me about a malicious/infected website which is a bit strange because I didn't click on any link during my internet search.

Anyways, Bitdefender blocked the website and informed me that the potential malware that was ready to infect my system is called " JS:Trojan.Cryxos.4890 ". Apparently, it's a trojan which I definitely not want on my computer.

As soon as I read the information, I closed my browser. My history is being deleted after that. To be sure I reset my browser, I deleted any temporary files in safe mode, searched for programs that could've been downloaded and let Bitdefender run several scans (quick scan, full scan and even rescue environment).

So far, there is nothing suspicious.

Hence my question: is it possible that the trojan still got into my system and is laying low? How do I notice a trojan? Is there anything else I can try to find it and remove it?

I'd appreciate your answers. Maybe someone has experienced this kind of trojan.


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