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  • Hi natsu24, You have an email from me, please check your inbox. Thank you!
  • Hi keiloc and natsu24, I sent you via email the patch you need to reset the password you set for your BitDefender. keiloc, next time please post in the 2011 field. Thank you!
  • Salut Paul.R, Ti-am trimis un email cu ce modificari ai putea face in BitDefender pentru a remedia situatia intalnita. Multumesc!
  • Hi Bjay, To solve your situation I recommend you to follow the steps below: - open BitDefender in Expert View - select Antivirus - click on the Exclusion tab - click on the "+" sign - the BitDefender Exclusions Wizard will open - choose Exclude by file/folder path or Exclude by extension - click on Next - click on Browse…
  • Hi dasha, Be informed that you can use your 2010 license key with the new released version. Just use our uninstall tool from THIS link in order to remove the 2010 version you have installed and then download the 2012 one from THIS link. Thank you!
  • Hi all, Because we need to investigate this situation deeper, I asked mehmet özdemir to generate a support tool and to reply me with it. As soon as I will have an answer from our testing team I will post it here. Thank you nikki605 for your help. Have a good day!
  • Hi ONT, You can't verify this in Events but while you will be in Game Mode, you will see the letter 'G' over the Bitdefender icon. Thank you!
  • Hi Chimel, I tried to reproduce the situation you described on 3 different machines and it reoccurred only with Youtube. I announced the testing team about this and as soon as I will have an answer I will post it here. In the meanwhile I need you to provide me with the following information: - how did you remove the…
  • Hi XxBrazilianoxX, We are working on this and I will post here when I will have a positive answer. Thank you!
  • Hi all, We are working on this and I will post here when I will have an answer. @Rampant: In the new Bitdefender the schedule scan does not exist anymore. Thank you!
  • Hi ONT, Could you provide me with more information about this, please ? Also post a screenshot with the situation. Thank you!
  • Hi Iria, In order to troubleshoot the issue you contacted us, I created for you the Ticked ID:201108021029765. Please check your e-mail associated with your Forum account, follow the steps I sent you and reply me with all the information I requested you. Thank you!
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  • Hi Duradel, Be informed that usually when you use more than one security solutions on the same computer, the system may become unstable. This happens because all security solutions try to scan a file whenever one is accessed but they cannot do it at the same time, so this causes either slowdowns or crashes. The answer for…
  • Hi tuanpq, In Bitdefender 2012 this option is not valid anymore. Thank you!
  • Hi 7mm, To fix this situation try the steps from the below article: http://www.bitdefender.com/site/KnowledgeBase/article/814/ Thank you!
  • Hi Specter, To fix your situation I need to see which module is causing this. Therefore, follow the steps below: - disable the Antiphishing feature by opening Google Chrome, click on the small dragger at the top of the web page. Click it to see the toolbar and click on ON/Off to disable it. Surf on web and observe if there…
  • Hi Kero Yugi, In the new Bitdefender you have only the main interface and the one you receive after you click on Settings, close to Auto Pilot option. If you need the User Guide of the new released version, please let me know. Thank you!
  • Hi DerRickster, Could you send me the Windows minidumps and all the other information I request you via email ? Note that your Ticket ID is 201108021009882. I am waiting for your answer. Thank you!
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  • Hi Chickenlittle, I think your Bitdefender 2012 is not correctly installed. In order to see if you have loaded all it's drivers I sent you an email with the steps you need to generate a support tool log. Follow them and reply me with the results. I am waiting for your answer. Thank you!
  • Hi kEbAb9000, To prevent this, I would recommend you to take the IP that scans your ports and to create a deny rule in Bitdefender. To do this follow the steps below: - Open the Bitdefender window. - Click the Settings button on the upper toolbar. - Click Firewall on the left-side menu and then the Advanced tab. - Under…
  • Hi Manoj.cool, Could you post here if the issue reoccurred ? Thank you!
  • Hi Archangels, Could you tell me if you receive any message from Bitdefender when you try to use Lastpass ? Also tell me if disabling the Antiphishing toolbar solves your situation. To turn it off, click on the small dragger at the top of your web page and then on the right side of the toolbar. Thank you!
  • Hi mehmet özdemir, In order to further investigate this situation send me a screenshot with the Events window you see. Note that in your inbox you have an email with Ticket ID: 201108011026491, there you have the instructions you need to follow to take a screenshot. Also mention what changes you made in your Bitdefender.…
  • Hi all, First, if you have Windows 7 with no service pack installed, you need to upgrade to service pack 1. More information about the system requirements for Bitdefender 2012 are available HERE. If your Bitdefender scans then it is a quite normally to use around 10-15% CPU. If you want, set 'On-access scanning' on…
  • Hi Chimel, You can hide it by opening your Bitdefender and clicking on Settings. Then go to 'Privacy Control' and from the Antiphishing tab set on OFF 'Show Bitdefender Toolbar'. Thank you!
  • Hi felnel, To solve this situation I sent you a patch via email. If you need any further assistance on this issue, please feel free to let us know. Thank you!
  • Hi rijo, Follow the instructions from the email I sent you and in case you need any further assistance you can reply me. Thank you!
  • Hi jisqing, I am glad to hear this. Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions or concerns. Thank you!
  • Hi Bond9001, From http://beta2012.bitdefender.com/ you can download the installation kit which has 2.30 MB. Thank you!
  • Hi DarylG, In order to solve the issue you described I would recommend you to upgrade for free to BitDefender 2011. Information about this process are available HERE. Thank you!
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