What's Wrong with This Page?


Can anybody tell me why Bitdefender won't trust the webpage of a local HVAC contractor who has a good reputation among his customers? The URL in question is https://www.roessheatingandair.com/


  • Scott
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    Hi @Ananisapta

    I disabled Bitdefender Online Threat Prevention settings to just allow the browser to verify it, Chrome, FF and Edge came up with the same conclusion, an Invalid Certificate. I tried it on a different PC with a different AV and had the same results.

    You can submit the link to Bitdefender malware research and see if they come up with the same conclusion or verify that it's safe. They are pretty prompt about getting to these things.


    Kind regards.

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  • Ananisapta

    Thanks! I've gotten the impression that invalid site certificates are not rare, especially in lower-cost services, and this HVAC guy has a reputation for being the low-cost option in our area. I can certainly avoid the website if I want to use his services.