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BitDefender Total Security

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We have several Windows Computers with an admin account and a basic account. Anytime the basic account is signed into the UAC dialog pops up asking for the admin password. Even if just logging off the basic account and back in prompts this again. The path is C:\Users\Username\app data\local\temp\RarSFX3\bddeploy.exe and same path installer.exe. These pop-up will happen 10 or more times. Clicking on "No" or the "X" over and over will eventually get you through then it doesnt pop up again until log off/log in. If we do enter the password for the admin account it doesnt solve anything long term.

The notification center shows updates are happening even if the admin password is not entered.

So two questions, one is why does this pop up so many times in a row? And the second is how can we have a admin/basic account with BitDefender?

We installed BitDefender via the admin account, and have done a un-install and re-install but that didnt fix the issue.

Any help is much appreciated!


  • Bitdefender is really great. I don't face any bug or problem while using this antivirus. Totally safe in my opinion.

  • I really don't understand why the installer location must be in a path that is notorious for being used by threat actors. It makes no sense. My downloaded exe file from central says its in downloads. But in UAC it reveals the program is located in User\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp\RarXFS0\bddeploy.exe. Why? Why not just have it located where it was downloaded like every other program, so I can easily remove the installer if I want?