Scheduled Quick Scan not running

I am just getting used to running BitTorrent on my Windows 10 desktop (build 19044.1586). I am pretty impressed but I do have one problem. I have set up a schedule to run a Quick Scan ay 12 pm each day. But looking through the Notifications I note that this has never run (except when I do it manually using "Run Now"). Looking at the AntiVirus window it is clear that the scan has been scheduled. I notice some other users have written about this but I have not seen any answers. Is this a known issue and if so when will it be fixed? Or have I missed something?



  • I also set up a full system scan to run this evening. The start time is now well past and no sign of it. It appears that scheduling is not functional at all. I find this disappointing - I will have to set a reminder to make sure I run these scans manually!

  • I would be grateful for some response to this! Either I have this problem too, or my schedules work fine! Or even better, here is how I fixed this!! (I did find other people with this problem but it is not clear if it was sorted, and if so how!)

  • Hello @elliotg and welcome to the Community!

    Are you using any of the profiles available under the Utilities section ? For example Work or Game or Battery Mode profiles?

    I'm asking because these can adjust both the product and system settings. The option "Activate profiles automatically" should be turned off in this case.

    Check the thread below for an example:

    More information regarding custom scanning is available in the following article:

    It is true, however, that an issue occured after an update and the scheduled scans were not running at some point, but this should have been fixed by now. Below you can find discussions on this topic:

    In the event the root cause cannot be found, I would recommend contacting our Support Teams for further investigation. Logs might be required for troubleshooting, thus please raise a ticket for our engineers, or get in touch with them using one of the live channels below:

    Kindly let us know the outcome, so that we can help other users that might still encounter this issue.

    Best regards.

  • I have checked and found that the work profile was indeed active. I have now switched this off. I have now rescheduled a Quick Scan that should happen in about 1 hour. I have also closed Outlook do make sure this isn't a factor I will let you know how this goes!


  • I must be doing something wrong! I disabled work profile as above. Automatic is definitely disabled. But every time I close the Bitdefender window and check a bit later work profile becomes on again. Am I missing something like a Save Changes button?

  • No it didn't work.. But it seems likely that the problem is that I cannot inactivate the work profile. I can switch it off, but it comes back on!! I note that even immediately after I switch it off on the Utilities page, the Work Profile is active icon still displays on the Dashboard. If no one gets back to me about how to actually switch off tis profile I will indeed open a support case!

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    Now i've checked and don't have that problem.

    When i switch it off, it's off all the time, until i manually switch it on.

    And when i switch it on, it's on all the time, until i manually switch it off.

    It doesn't automatically turn itself on or off.

    This is the case for all the others profiles in Utilities, not just the Work profile.

    Also, there is no Save option / Save changes / Save profile button, you just switch the desired profile on or off.

    I think your best bet is to contact Bitdefender Consumer Support.

  • Will do tomorrow!

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    Hello @elliotg,

    Is the option "Activate profiles automatically" disabled?

    If the option is disabled and the Work Profile still has a mind of its own, I would recommend contacting our engineers for a closer look.

    Please note that we are also experiencing a known bug with the scheduled scans and this is now under investigation.

    Best regards.

  • I thought I should report om this issue now that it is resolved with the help of comments in this tread and then with Bitdefender support. From the thread I leant that the failure of scheduled scans to run was a direct effect of the "Work Profile" being active. Unfortunately, however, this profile could not be switched off. So, as suggested I raised a ticket with the technical support team. I got a very fast reply which suggested running the application as an administrator. Good idea, but the Work Profile still was stuck. So it was suggested that I clean uninstall the application, and then reinstall it. This may seem onerous but was actually pretty quick. The only down side was needing the run the very long first scan again but I was able to do this in the background and get on with other things. And the good news -the work profile was not active, and scheduled scans are running as they should.

    I have no idea why the Work Profile was activated - I must have done this when getting to know the interface. And I have no idea why it got into this stuck on state. In future I will be ignoring profiles as I don't need them anyway. But good to have it all working!! Thanks to those in this forum who helped and especially to Damián from the support team for setting me on to the right path!

  • Hi @elliotg,

    Thank you for updating us on the outcome. I am happy to hear the situation was resolved. Yes, it's true that sometimes uninstalling the app does the trick and solves some of the unwanted issues that might be encountered.

    Have a great day and enjoy your Bitdefender product!