Does Bitdefender Scan For Rootkits?

Hello bitdefender team , I want to ask 1 typical question that worries me in my computer system, when I scan all the targeted ones on the Scan options most it selects yes, but 1 in the option for Rootkits, it appears with no ! which mean scan for rootkits No , what is the problem, should I worry about this problem? I'm sorry for my bad dialect in English, I hope you understand me .


  • Quick scan does not scan for rootkits by design, and neither do custom scans.

    Quick scan only goes into critical locations on the drive that you've installed Windows on. Custom scans are designed to give you the option to scan drives that do not have Windows installed, making them not liable to be affected by rootkits. They are working on adding an option to enable rootkit scan while running a custom scan.

    You don't need be worried.

    Stay safe!

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    In addition to what @Yggdrasil said, the Full System Scan does scan for rootkits.

    So, if you want your device to be scanned for rootkits, you should do a Full System Scan from time to time.