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Cloud Files scan - protected password


Hi, I'm new to the community, so I hope this post is both appropriate and in the right category.

After a full system scan, I noticed a few files had not been scan due to being password protected. Of all the files only two were unrecognised and are associated in the cloud? Thelink under Cloud Files information section, reads:

" Bitdefender found some files stored online. These files will be automatically scanned when you will open them on your device. "

[the file path includes:]

... Programs\Gimp2\lib\python2.7\test\test.zipfile.pyo=>zero

... Programs\Gimp2\lib\python2.7\test\test.zipfile.pyc=>zero

Has anyone experienced this with the Gimp program (newly installed)? And should I be concerned? I don't have any passwords or access to any cloud service for Gimp.

I also note that the PC has been buggy recently, although a full Bitdefender scan hasn't identified any malware or any other strange files, but is blocking suspicious connections.

Thanks in advance