Can't Update Bitdefender Antivirus Free Through Auto Update. Any Suggestions?

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I can't update bitdefender through auto update, i've reinstall windows, changed DNS, even do the troubleshoot on the bitdefender website, i've tried ping the server that i've found on enterprise troubleshoot website(,which i got could not find host) and (, the only adress i can ping and recive reply)


  • Hello @Existing_Mirror,

    Have you managed to update in the meantime? If you click on Update in system tray, what happens? The update error codes -1002 and -1011 are caused by a temporary issue with the internet connection. Make sure the connection is stable, then try again to update Bitdefender. The antivirus updates as soon as it manages to successfully download the update files.


  • Nope. clicked the system tray icon and got this.

    My internet connection is fine. Now i just use the offline update while it doesn't work

  • I see. Restart the device and try a different network, if possible. If not, try to update later.

  • Well, i tried another network, I've disabled the main network and used my phone cellular. tried do an update, still no.

    Btw, here's a debug file that created using the support tool. Hope its useful.

  • Hello and thank you for sharing your findings with us. May I kindly ask you to submit the logs to our engineers for futher troubleshooting, as we won't be able to analyze the information on the forum? You can submit your request using the contact form available at the link below:

    Please include a reference to this thread in the email body, as it contains all the relevant screenshots and steps taken so far.

    Let us know how it goes.

    Thank you

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    Additionally, have a look at troubleshooting steps provided by bitdefender support in below stated link


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