Is There A Way To Set The Scam Alert That When It Detects A Dangerous Link To Block And Delete It?

Is there a way to set the Scam Alert that when it Detects a dangerous link it could either just Block and delete it automatically or ask if I wanted to save or delete the dangerous link? Instead of just the notification that tells me there a dangerous link!


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    If you run Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android, the Web Protection module will block phishing links as soon as they are accessed, while the Scam Alert module will warn you that the link in your text message or notification is dangerous before you open it.

    More information on Scam Alert can be found at the link below:

    Note: Due to Android operating system limitations, Bitdefender cannot delete text messages, take any direct measures related to the SMS messages, or any other source of malicious notifications. If you ignore the Scam Alert warning and try to open the dangerous link, Bitdefender’s Web Protection feature will automatically catch it, preventing your device from becoming infected.

    Kindly be advised that Scam Alert is only available for Android OS and not iOS.