Bitdefender on 3 devices. I added Premium VPN on 1 device. How do I add to other devices?

I have Bitdefender Total Security installed on 3 devices. I just added Premium VPN to one device. Do I need to download, install, and activate VPN on my other devices?


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    Hi @AskJay

    Open the device you want to install VPN on, then log into your Central account, go to the left, My Subscriptions, then on the VPN subscription, click on Install protection on a new device, then on the pop-up window, click on This device.

    On a Windows PC, you can also do this by opening VPN from the VPN System Tray icon, or from the Bitdefender Dashboard (UI). Then in the VPN app window, on the left side click on the User icon, then at the bottom, click on Switch Account. Fill in your email address and password used for your Central account, and it should sync to your Premium VPN account status.

    If you need anything else, let us know,