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vulnerability does not clear after installing updates.


I ran vulnerability scan, and it showed that I had an update to install. I installed the update, and it said that the update was installed. However, when I went back to the vulnerability scan it said that I needed to install an update, but it is the same update as indicated before. what do I do in this situation. I looked at my windows updates and it says that I am up to date, however, the update in the vulnerability is not showing in the windows update roster. so, I am assuming that the update is not installing for some reason.

Can anyone help me on this problem?

Rob M.


  • Scott
    Scott Defender of the month mod
    edited July 2023

    Hi @R.M

    It's on my end, too. Windows 11, Bitdefender Build I think it's just a syncing glitch with Windows. Even after a Windows restart, Bitdefender is still finding the update, which was installed. Maybe give it a day for BD to resync with Windows and clear that update. I do all my Windows updates through Windows, and not through the Vulnerability button. Larger updates seem to go better that way as well (i.e. the 2nd week Tuesday updates).

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  • R.M

    Thanks scott

  • Alexandru_BD


    I've seen this before. Vulnerability scan finds updates that Windows update does not, after installing them and confirming their installation, vulnerability scan finds them again after a new scan. In all this time, Windows update does not show any available updates. This behavior is currently under investigation.


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