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Does anyone know how to use Bitdefender VPN on a PS4, or through a cable providers modem upstream from a PS4?


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    Hi @Dean1979

    VPN is a software that installs on an operating system, Windows, Android, Mac and iOS, and will not install or work upstream on a hardware device such as PS4 or modem.

    Otherwise, this would be your other option, Netgear Armor:

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    Unfortunately, you cannot use Bitdefender VPN directly on a PS4. Gaming consoles themselves don't support VPN applications.

    However, you can use Bitdefender VPN on your computer and then connect your PS4 to your computer's internet connection. This will allow your PS4 to use the VPN connection from your computer.

    To do this, you will need to:

    1) Install Bitdefender VPN on your computer.

    2) Connect your PS4 to your computer using an ethernet cable.

    3) Open Bitdefender VPN on your computer and connect to a VPN server.

    4) Once you are connected to the VPN server, your PS4 will be using the VPN connection.

    You can also use a VPN service that offers Smart DNS. Smart DNS is a way to use a VPN without having to install any software on your devices. With Smart DNS, you simply change the DNS settings on your devices to the DNS servers provided by the VPN service. This will route your traffic through the VPN server, even if the device doesn't support VPN applications.

    To use Smart DNS with Bitdefender VPN, you will need to:

    1) Sign up for a Bitdefender VPN subscription that offers Smart DNS.

    2) Get the DNS servers from Bitdefender VPN.

    3) Change the DNS settings on your PS4 to the DNS servers provided by Bitdefender VPN.

    4) Once you have changed the DNS settings, your PS4 will be using the VPN connection from Bitdefender VPN.


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