utorrentie.exe getting blocked by BD as malware

Hi everyone, just got this from my bitdefender app and was wondering if this is actual malware or it's because of the same issue as the deff.nelreports.net notifications due to microsoft no longer signing the ie/msn certificates. I've attached a picture here for your reference and hope to hear from you soon.

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    The detection by Bitdefender is basically a cloud-based detection, which is not a signature-based detection created by malware researchers. Many other antimalware vendors detect the uTorrent and BitTorrent file as a PUP/PUA via signature based detection, apart from Bitdefender.

    If you believe that a website or file has been incorrectly blocked by Bitdefender, you can share the details with our malware researchers by filling out the form at the link provided below:

    If the website or file is indeed incorrectly blocked, the detection will be removed within a maximum of 72 hours. However, if the detection still persists after 72 hours, please consider the website or file as malicious, as determined by our malware researchers, and the detection will remain.


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  • Hi @Flexx

    Thank You for the explanation and reponse. Completely understand this now and looking at it, will let BD remove it then. It just caught me by surprise as I just powered on my device and that notification came up.

    Then again, Thank You @Flexx☺️

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