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Lack of Customer Representative and Content Settings

192354VR4 Content Settings and no Customer Service.
edited December 2023 in General Topics

If I have to go through one more screen to verify my content settings, "I will delete everything from Bitdefender" and find something else.

Programmers from the beginning of time have sought out ways to streamline computing processes. Just so they didn't have to constantly type the same thing, over and over

Get it?

And the fact that, the password generator is so cumbersome to install, with absolutely no customer support other than a bunch of pre-printed files is a huge pain in the ******.

Why you say. Because not everyone installing your product thinks exactly like you do. Who wants to spend hours trying to find answers to their questions just so they can set up your software?

It's your job to make it simple and painless.

I always liked Bitdefender, but this is ridiculous.

I love you guys, but this experience is a FAIL.

PS: I already had to turn off my Bitdefender VPN because of latency issues.


  • Alexandru_BD


    Sorry, I had to edit your post since it was too hard to follow with all the repetitive wording..

    In regard to product support, there are 3 channels for this, chat, phone and email/ticket. Chat would be the fastest way to reach the Bitdefender engineers, but you can quickly connect to a representative no matter the channel of choice.

    I understand your frustration, but from your post it's not clear exactly what's going on.. Did you encounter any difficulties when installing Password Manager? If yes, did you receive any error messages in the process and at what point? On what browser are you using the extension? Did you import your passwords from a different password manager, or is it a new setup? Concerning the VPN, if you are experiencing a slowdown, there can be several reasons behind this and you can consult the article below for tips on how to speed up your VPN connection:

    Kindly share more information with us, or head to the link below to get in touch with the Support teams for further assistance:



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