WSC Communicator

I noticed "WSC Communicator" running a few weeks ago as part of BitDefender Antivirus Plus. See attached screenshot.

Several back-and-forths with support has not resolved my very simple question to them, "Is WSC Communicator part of Bitdefender or not?"

The fact they can't even answer such a simple question is disturbing, plus the possibility that I may have a virus on my machine which Bitdefender hasn't detected.

Does anyone know whether WSC Communicator is supposed to be there, and if so, what does it do?


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    Hi @aaabbbccc111

    Yes, it is a part of Bitdefender, so no worries there. It is not a virus. I don't know exactly what it does, other than what the name may imply? From my Total Security Program file location.

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  • Finally got a reply from support about this really simple question, they said:

    "WSC Communicator is a legitimate part of the Bitdefender product, which is responsible for the communication between Bitdefender and Windows Security Center. "

    Here's a tip if anyone at the company bothers to read this stuff - publish a list of processes so that a search for something like "wsccommunicator.exe" produces a result. When I first noticed this process I Googled it and found zero results (not the case now as some time has passed).

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    Thanks for the update on what the communicator's function is.

    From the same location as you were in, Program Files/Bitdefender/Bitdefender Security I created a desktop shortcut for Safepay. I only use Safepay on demand for one banking website, so I found it handy to just click it and go from there. It's the obk icon. Just a FWIW nugget :)

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