Flaso Positivo en mi pagina web

Good morning recently I had a problem regarding malware on my website and I want to question that my website is free of all viruses or malware, pishing, etc.

A thorough review of the website was conducted to detect and remove any traces of malware or malicious content. In addition, additional security measures were implemented through the .htaccess file to reinforce the use of the certificate we have, thus ensuring that the connection is encrypted and secure.

We have taken steps to improve the security of access to the WordPress admin panel. Changed the wp-admin URL of our site to reduce the possibility of malicious attacks.

We have taken the following steps to ensure the security of our website

(https://www.ateneaintercambios.com) and (https://ateneaintercambios.com/sgintranet/login.php)

-Malware Removal: A thorough review has been conducted and all detected malware threats have been removed.

- Certificate Reinforcement: The use of the certificate has been implemented to ensure an encrypted and secure connection.

- Improvements in the security of the admin panel: We have changed the wp-admin URL of our WordPress site to prevent possible attacks.

- Plugin Update: The latest updates have been applied to keep the site protected.

- Deleting Confused Public Input: We have Removed an entry called "Hello World" that could confuse users.