How can I uninstall the VPN?

Takend ✭✭

Hi, I used the appwiz thing to reinstall Bitdefender Free but I noticed I now have a VPN shortcut that leads to "seccenter.exe" and I'm wondering if deleting that is fine. I can't find the VPN app through the apps section in settings or the appwiz uninstall page.

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  • Alexandru_BD
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    Ok, just wanted to make sure, as I haven't located any previous VPN license in your account. Well, there's not much we can do here I'm afraid. You could get a hold of Support to see if they can further advise on what to do with the shortcut in this case. But I wouldn't worry too much about it to be honest. If you require their assistance, you can get in touch with the engineers using the link below:


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