Why does Bitdefender Scan a Significantly Different Number of Files on Similar Computers?

I just ran my periodic preventative/proactive deep scans on my computers. Two of them are similarly configured. Yet there was an 800,000 file difference in the number of files scanned.

Oh gosh, I just realized a "scanned item" can't be the same as a file--one computer has 410,000 files (according to windirstat) -- and Bitdefender scanned "3,535,000" items. So, now I have ask what makes up an item, such that there are millions of them. And still, although a little more understandable now, how could similar computers have such a difference in number of scanned items? 3,535,000 compared to 2,710,000 .

Thank You

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  • Hello @CloudCzar,

    Try to disable the "scan archive" option under Protection -> Antivirus -> Advanced and see if that makes any difference:

    Let us know how it goes.