Issue Of Requiring A Log-In Everytime We Open A Browser (Known Issue Since Jan 2022). Any Fix?

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This was from a January 18th Reply from support on the issue of requiring me to sign in everytime i open chrome.

Thank you for your patience please accept my apologies for the frustration that we might have caused.

I have looked into the case and it seems that the situation is caused by an issue that has already been acknowledged by our development team. We are currently working on a fix that will be done by means of an automatic update and won't require any additional action on your end.

I will get back to you with an update regarding the fix as soon as we have one.

Seems like this issue has been made known to the team Earliest in January 2022 and a patch was done in June 2022 but the issue arised again in october 2022. In 3 months the issue has still not been fixed.

Any current users exasperated with the development teams response? feel free to post here.

Also has anyone tried other password managers, lets discuss better functioning products on this thread as well!

Has anyone tried Dashlane and Bitwarden?


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    @Alexandru_BD @Mike_BD Kindly check on the issue here. Thanks.

    @JamesLee1 Hello. Wait for their response, they both work for Bitdefender. Regards.

  • dverted
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    Having to put the Master Password in every time I start a new browser session on my desktop PC is very frustrating. LastPass only does this when first logging in to my PC and then doesn't ask for it until the next time I start my PC and log in again. With BDFPM I have a complicated password that I have no hope of remembering so I have put a copy of this password into a note under a desktop icon and have to copy and paste it into BDFPM each time I open a browser session. Frustrating!!

    It's even more frustrating on a mobile. Lastpass uses fingerprint login. Surely BDFPM can also put this in their app too.

    I purchased the Bitdefender Premium product with the intent of using security, VPN and password manager under one product rather than using 3 different branded products and different renewal dates. The VPN has its own problems which I have raised in a different post. I'll give it a go for awhile longer but if things don't improve with the password manager and VPN then I'll be moving back to the other products.

  • Oh my goodness @dverted you are absolutely right. The mobile application on android is even more of a nightmare to use. I can setup thumbprint recognition but it states invalid state token and requires me to sign to BOTH my bitdefender account and use my master password each time.

    What a horrendous experience this has been. How do i initiate a refund? The app clearly is broken since january 2022 and nothing has been done to fix it!

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    You may obtain a refund by contacting:

    [email protected]

    within 30 days of your initial purchase or of the automatic renewal date.


  • Hello @JamesLee1,

    Our developers have managed to reproduce this behaviour and they are looking into it. It's not normal and they should come up with a fix asap.

    Thank you for reporting this to us! 🙏


  • @JamesLee1 can you tell us on what device you are encountering the issue? I can see it's an Android 11, but cannot tell the brand. I have noticed you have requested for a refund already, but I'm thinking that maybe we can still resolve this by asking our engineers for help. Should you agree with further technical assistance, kindly let our colleagues know and reply on the open case.


  • dverted
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    Can the Account list that comes up in the popup window be date sortable please. Its frustrating trying to find a new account just created and you didn't catch the account name details and the list is alpha sorted. This option is available for sorting the Notes list and Identities list but not on the Accounts list. Thanks.

  • Hi @dverted,

    I'll send your observation to the product development teams for further analysis.

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.