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Safepay integration with 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, KeepassXC etc.


I would like to suggest Safepay integration with standalone password managers. Bitdefender users should be able to use 1Password, Dashlane, Bitwarden, KeepassXC etc. when banking and shopping. Please let them add their password manager extensions to Safepay. There is a few reasons to do so:

1) The Wallet is a very poor password manager.

2) A lot of people use standalone password managers.

3) In Kaspersky it is possible to use any password manager when using a browser in Safe Money mode. Kaspersky users, who want to switch to Bitdefender, are disappointed by the Wallet (including myself).

4) Safepay and password managers increase security but without integration it is inconvenient to use them. People stop using Safepay because they have to copy and paste credentials manually.

If security is an issue maybe you can make a list of trusted password managers, which extensions are allowed to work with Safepay. Maybe you can also restrict the possibility to install extensions to the Chrome Web Store.

So far I'm happy with Bitdefender Internet Security (I'm on a free trial) but password management when using the Safepay browser is the weakest element of the suite.

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